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Drop the clutch and hit the gas with great driving games, parking games and racing games.  Part highly detailed rFactor mod, and part virtual museum, CART 88 is as comprehensive of a living, breathing encyclopedia as it is exhilarating to drive ; an open wheel counterpart of the mammoth HistorX Touring Car package that has established itself as one of the all time legendary releases for the popular sim racing modding platform.Be the fastest driver on the kids playroom race track and burn the asphalt under your wheels in one of the best fast-paced car driving games for kids and adults!  The idea behind this adventure is to represent sim racing to the motorsports world in a way that legitimizes sim racing as a driving tool, and reversing the multiple PR disasters that have been created thanks to placing computer nerds in the seat of high performance race cars when some of them didn`t even possess a valid driver`s license.Our intense collection of car racing games features the fastest vehicles in the world.  Though Tuesday`s NASCAR iRacing PEAK Anti-Freeze Series was a roaring success for our very own Dustin Lengert and his driver Ryan Luza - capturing their virtual team`s second victory of the season in as many races with a dominant drive which saw Luza pull away by several seconds - iRacing`s most prominent eSport series was far from a celebration of sim racing for all involved.
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Fierce clashes and heart-stopping finishes are hallmarks of the most popular race in NASCAR, and if history`s any indication The Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race is guaranteed to entertain guests with yet another epic battle inside the Last Great Colosseum!The 2001 season was marked by an incredible opening round at Suzuka, where Masao Azuma, Daijiro Kato and Valentino Rossi won the 125, 250 and 500cc classes, respectively, enabling Honda to attain its 500th win in World Championship Grand Prix Road Racing.Kevin Harvick was the first Cup series driver to compete full-time in the Busch Series and win a title, actually doing so twice; in 2001, he did this for Richard Childress Racing but only did so out of necessity as Dale Earnhardt `s death forced him into the Cup series ahead of RCR`s intended schedule for him.
Yes, sim racers are often blasted for their armchair physics criticism when they haven`t even driven the car in-game themselves, but in this situation the differences are so blatantly noticeable to the average sprint car fan, it`s hard not to speak up. This simply isn`t even close to how real sprint car racing looks, and that`s not good if you`re three days from release and asking people to spend close to $100 for all the content at launch.At the end of 2005, NASCAR announced that the AutoZone Elite Division would be discontinued after the 2006 season due to having trouble securing NASCAR-sanctioned tracks to successfully host AutoZone Elite Division events, plus escalating costs of competing and downsizing of the Division in recent years.Along with the race car sponsorship, we`ve all been brought on-board by Slightly Mad Studios to help poke holes in Project CARS 2 before it hits store shelves - which regardless of how you feel about the Project CARS franchise, it`s a pretty genius call to recruit the most notorious nit-pickers in the sim community for that task.
Now, I know everybody has different equipment and all that, but if you get this right, the car will feel natural no matter what gear you are using, and the amount of input translation goes down to a minimum, making the sim racer feel one with the car on the edge of adhesion.The world`s best late model stock car racers will descend upon the World`s Fastest Half-Mile in 2017 when Bristol Motor Speedway, The Last Great Colosseum and one of the most famous short tracks in the world, hosts the Inaugural Short Track U.S. Nationals, May 19-21.NASCAR Technical Institute located in Mooresville, North Carolina , is the country`s first technical training school to combine a complete automotive technology program and a NASCAR-specific motor sports program, and is the exclusive educational partner of NASCAR.